LDP Associates Announces Tailored Solutions to Capitalize on Edge Compute Infrastructure

PHOENIX, Feb. 1, 2017 – LDP Associates, APC's largest Advanced Solution Partner (ASP), announced today it has expanded its offerings to include flexible and customized solutions for all ranges of Edge Compute physical infrastructure. LDP's in-house team are trusted advisors in the data center space, and now offer expertise on edge computing infrastructure. "Our customers are demanding assistance in navigating the technologies needed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the core of our business is delivering outstanding customer service", said Dennis Strieter, LDP Associates' President. "We help simplify what can be a confusing, demanding and stressful process for our customers while giving them assurance that their edge solutions are the best fit for their specific needs".

LDP Associates is well positioned to deliver the technologies needed for the IoT and has already delivered Edge Compute Infrastructure to clients expanding out of the cloud and traditional data center environments. "Edge and on premises solutions present unique challenges in repeatability, scalability, and speed of deployment." said Dennis Strieter. "As the IoT comes into focus and generates unprecedented amounts of data, companies need to extend their infrastructure out of their data centers into an adaptable architecture, close to their customers, that can be ready in days, not months". LDP's ability to tailor solutions that define a company's network edge allows businesses to leverage a partner whose sole focus is mission-critical infrastructure.

About LDP Associates

As the largest Advanced Solutions Partner for APC, LDP understands that when an organization requires critical data processing, downtime is not an option. At LDP's core is dedication to providing best-in-class solutions by developing the highest quality mission critical support solutions and services. The company values a strong work ethic, customer service, business agility and solution-based problem solving as well as long-term relationships achieved through close communications and strong working relationships with their customers and partners. Extend your edge out with LDP Associates.

Media Contact:

Yvonne Green
Director of Marketing
(602) 559-9266