Enterprise Data Centers Aren’t Doomed

Gartner’s Miland Goveker recently predicted that the necessity of SaaS and AI would soon signal the death of enterprise software. This doom-and-gloom picture paints a mass transition from cloud-first to cloud-only products, but the end might not be quite as “nigh” as Goveker thinks. Data center usage continues to grow, and enterprises are too reliant on many aspects of their servers to give them up entirely. By 2020, major cloud providers expect to triple their size, but this shouldn’t cause enterprise software’s demise.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration systems can now keep an eye on source code repositories, compiling and downloading what they need automatically. Continuous deployment, and even infrastructure, can be equally well automated, giving virtual servers an incredible degree of resilience. In short, customized innovations no longer need to steal IT teams’ time, so a truly bespoke solution is possible at a reduced capital expense. All you need to achieve it is an intelligent team.

Data Center Functionality

On-site data centers are still in demand among corporate clients, but cloud providers need them, too. Redundancy remains well needed, and legacy systems are, unfortunately, still a factor many can’t fix yet. Over the next few years, data centers should become even more abundant. In fact, those who are still reliant on them predict that they’ll be using them for another five to 10 years.

Cloud adoption leads to data center growth. Small businesses are increasingly reliant on SaaS offerings, and enterprises who are seeking out low-cost storage options will naturally lean towards their own processing centers.

Enterprise software, like any other IT innovation, is still evolving, so assuming it won’t meet future requirements is short-sighted. 67% of enterprise software will be used for cloud-based offerings by 2020, but traditional data centers are expected to grow in tandem.

Data centers aren’t leaving anytime soon, and neither are its creators, like LDP Associates. Cloud provider or corporate giant, we can design and build a data center to sustain your needs for tomorrow.

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