How is Your Data Center Performing?

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Turnkey Solutions for Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Understanding technology trends in the data center is a part of our company’s DNA. Our staff is continually educated on the architecture of the actual IT equipment housed by the physical layer. So, we do not just ask, “How much power do you need?” We consult with you on the organization’s IT roadmap to understand if you are rolling out a highly-virtualized environment built on blade servers, or if you have applications with specific hardware stack requirements. Creating a data center design must take into account a future where servers continue to shrink, unified architectures are becoming prevalent and storage is growing at unprecedented rates.

Our team of data center specialists guides you through a myriad of product and service options, allowing you to make the perfect decision that will give your organization a competitive advantage. Our Mission Critical Support Solution expertise has grown with nearly 25 years of experience working with architects, professional engineers, contractors, end users and strategic planning partners.


Support High-Density Server and Network Applications

Our projects run the gamut from server closets to massive multi-tenant colocation facilities. Each project is given the same attention to detail and service level that your company deserves.

LDP Associates Inc. offers modular, scalable, fully-integrated data center solutions, including turnkey construction services that eliminate our clients’ risk while providing them with state of the art technology infrastructure, delivered at the best possible value through a variety of procurement channels. Our solutions are customized to meet your specific uptime needs and budget requirements, while allowing a pay-as-you-grow approach to deployment.

We supply critical power, cooling, racks and accessories for:

  • Data Centers
  • Colocations
  • Server Rooms
  • Network closets
  • EDGE applications
  • Micro Data Centers (MDCs)

How is Your Data Center Performing?

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