Prefabricated Data Center Modules

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Prefabricated Data Center Modules Offer Scalable, Fast Deployment with Predictable Performance

Simplify implementation by choosing from one of our customizable base designs. The equipment is configured and tested at the factory, shipped, and implemented as designed, reducing up-front expenses. Easily add modules when needed to increase capacity.

What is a Prefabricated Data Center Module?

apcPrefabricated data center modules are data centers that are made up of at least one pre-engineered, factory-integrated, and pre-tested assembly of subsystems that have traditionally been installed separately onsite and/or mounted on a skid or an enclosure.

Prefabricated data center modules are designed to meet pre-determined performance specifications and consist of a documented list of materials, system level specifications, and drawings of the integrated systems.

Benefits of Prefabricated Data Center Modules

  • Shorter Time to Deploy
    Can be designed, delivered, installed, and operational within 8 months or less
  • Less Cost to Deploy
    Built out on large kW building blocks of pre-manufactured power and cooling capacity
  • Easier Installation
    Hardware installation is done in the factory so on-site work is dramatically simplified
  • Better Tax Implications
    Your business can report prefabricated data center modules as temporary structures
  • More Reliable
    Components are pre-wired and factory acceptance tested leading to more predictable performance
  • More Efficient
    Can utilize standard modular internal components and be specified to a target PUE

  • Smaller Carbon Foot-Print
    With predictable PUE and significantly less concrete needed to build, energy is reduced

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