Power Distribution

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Power Distribution

Manage power distribution at the level of racks, rows, and rooms. Choose from configurable or modular PDUs and accessories for versatile three-phase power distribution to seamlessly manage critical loads.

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Power Distribution Units

PDI offers flexible and intelligent power distribution cabinets. They come in three different dimensions and can be customized with optional dual and triple output transformers. Front access allows for easy operation and maintenance.

Static Transfer Switches

PDI’s mission critical static transfer switches lead the industry in safety and reliability. Features include front access, built-in triple redundancy, intelligent monitoring, and a wide range of sizes from 250 Amps to 2000 Amps with 120/208 VAC to 277/480 VAC ranges.

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Automatic Transfer Switches

Russelectric’s automatic transfer switches are purpose-built and precision-made by machine for reliable, safe performance. 30-cycle automatic, 3-cycle automatic, nonautomatic, medium voltage, and specialized transfer switches are available for high-speed quick-break, quick-make, preloaded transfers.

Paralleling Switchgear

Transfer loads in the event of loss of utility power to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Paralleling switchgears are configurable for soft loading, peak shaving, and load curtailment programs.

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