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Uninterruptible Power Supply for Mission-Critical Systems

Achieve network reliability with UPS systems that fit your business. From entry-level servers and point of sale systems to large enterprise networks and edge computing, uninterruptible power supply protects data and ensures business continuity. Retain uptime during outages with UPS systems, replacement batteries, and network management software.

What is UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

UPS systems are technology equipment that provide emergency power to a data center when its main power source fails, or voltage drops/rises to an unsuitable level. Unlike generators, UPS systems supply instant power during interruptions. The purpose of a UPS system is to give a long enough run-time for a proper, orderly, and safe shut-down of connected and protected data center equipment.

How Dangerous is Interrupted Power?

Depending on the type of business, unforeseen power disruptions can cause the following in data centers:

  • Business disruption
  • Data loss
  • Injuries
  • Fatalities

Types of UPS Systems

apcStandby/Offline— Uses a DC/AC inverter output when power rises above or drops below safe voltage levels, or fails completely. It resorts to battery backup power during blackouts, voltage sags, voltage surges, or other power disruptions. This system is powered by input power and backup power circuitry.

Line Interactive— Unlike offline systems, this type of UPS does not resort to battery power. Instead, it uses a multi-tap, variable-voltage autotransformer that regulates the transformer’s output voltage (low voltages over voltages). It ensures power for five to thirty minutes or several hours with expansion.

Double Conversion On-Line—These systems are designed specifically for data center installations, high-end servers, mission-critical IT equipment, large telecom installations and storage applications, and advanced network equipment. They convert AC power to DC and then invert it back to AC power even when they’re powered by a normal AC current, and therefore have zero transfer time.

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