Healthcare Edge Computing Applications

The healthcare industry began using data to improve outcomes in the days of Hippocrates, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the few industries that’s ahead of IoT technology. There’s still room for digital transformation, which can create new revenue streams and improve efficiency more economically than it does today. Micro sites play a central role in achieving these goals, using edge computing to reduce latency problems.

The Perfect Network

When technology decides if a patient survives or dies, delays are simply not an option. Robotic surgical technology, tracking devices, and wearables need to function constantly, without introducing time constraints.

No-latency computing isn’t as far away as it might seem. Traditional cloud data centers are expected to shift to localized, instantaneous data holding soon, and the effects are projected to balloon by 50% year over year. 5G wireless networks will drive much of this change.

If server-containing micro-data centres are placed within mere yards of the end device, technologies can crunch information in the cloud, making real-time computation a distinct possibility.

Overcoming the Proliferation of “Things”

Advances in medical care are becoming increasingly exciting. Novartis has begun testing contact lens-based sensors that measure glucose levels. Other smart contact lenses are being developed to improve vision, and those that support glaucoma are already on the market.

The healthcare industry has already taken its first baby steps towards handheld barcode readers for hospital wristbands and radio-frequency identification. Electronic medical records are already a bread-and-butter part of everyday healthcare, but improved connectivity will certainly expand their usefulness. All of these developments will increase the number of IoT devices in use.

Healthcare’s reliance on edge computing will need to comply with HIPAA’s IT standards, which are stringent enough to push data center technology into the next era before its time.

Healthcare businesses need trustworthy data centers for the sake of their patients. Makers like LDP Associates have been creating data centers for medical facilities since 1991. If your facility needs a new data center, contact LDP Associates today.

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