With over one-third of all data passing through the cloud, data centers are increasingly the target of cybercriminals. There’s a data breach approximately every 39 seconds, and the FBI reports that cybercrimes have increased 300% since the COVID-19 crisis slammed the United States.

As organizations across the country continue to use data centers to store, process, and disseminate data and applications, it becomes more and more critical to stay secure against cyber threats. To help you protect your data center against the threat of cybercriminals and data breaches, here are a couple of tips you can use to stay safe.

Utilize EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

When your data center is using EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, LDP Associates can provide you with high-quality security reporting on all of your data center’s connected infrastructure devices. No matter who the manufacturer is of your infrastructure devices, we’ve got you covered.

Our security report will provide you with the details you need on which firmware is out of date or has a security exploit vector. The report also comes standard with EAA deployments.

Some of the key benefits of EcoStruxure Asset Advisor include:

  • Incident tracking. Incidents involving potential data breaches are automatically tracked. You’ll have access to real-time incident status and history.
  • 24/7 monitoring. You can feel secure knowing that your data center is being monitored remotely by security experts all day, every day.
  • Real-time notifications. Stay updated with an instant overview of your data center’s alarms and sensor data.
  • Proactive service dispatch. Physical threats to your data center’s infrastructure are just as dangerous as cyber threats. With EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, these threats can be anticipated, tracked, and resolved efficiently with the support of dispatch.

Improve the security of network-connected devices

Network-connected devices are one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals who want access to your company’s network at large. By reducing access to your network-connected appliances and improving the reliability of your data center with the help of data center management software and data center maintenance services, you can help to keep your data center software and servers safe.

Data center services can help to maintain your network-connected appliances by keeping the devices’ firmware up-to-date. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor can also assist you in identifying necessary firmware updates.

Data center software security is crucial for the safety of your customers. To learn more about how LDP Associates can help to keep your data center secure, contact us today.