IoT Market Growth Drives Growth of MDCs

The “things” that comprise the Internet of Things generate absurd amounts of data, which has prompted a shift toward edge computing. MDCs populate the edge, so as the IoT market grows, so will demand for MDCs.

IHS Markit describes IoT as a movement, not a market –  a sea change requiring investment. In other words, investment in IoT is no longer optional. It’s not a neat new niche. It’s the way we do things now.

Tech companies like Dell and nations like China are pouring investments into IoT research and development. Here’s a partial laundry list of sources of capital for IoT growth, but to sum up, everyone’s on board.

The ripple effect of IoT market growth will reach companies concerned with semiconductor manufacturing, security, software – everything from materials to deployment. And, of course, infrastructure. You don’t build a rail network without train stations. So, you’ve got data titans like Amazon building the equivalent of Grand Central in Northern Virginia, and you’ve also got the slightly less impressive but no less integral edge applications. If IoT is a movement, edge computing ranks high on its list of demands.

Pithy metaphors side, latency is a real issue, and MDCs at the edge present an efficient solution. Gartner has taken notice of the utility of MDCs at the edge. Read more about the advantages and requirements of MDCs at the APC blog.

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