Is Edge computing the same thing as cloud computing? Is the Edge part of the cloud? Is the Edge a place or a method of networking? These are just a few of the commonly heard questions surrounding Edge computing.

Though the concept of the Edge is not new, there is still confusion for those with exclusive experience with Enterprise or Colocation data center services. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between Edge data centers, cloud computing, and the benefits that come with each.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Put simply, a cloud is a place where data can be saved, or applications can operate. They are environments defined by software made within data centers. Cloud computing occurs when workloads are run within one of these clouds. Clouds are not tangible spaces, but virtual ones where everything happens online. This type of computing is now exceptionally common, as well as profitable. According to Statista, in 2021, cloud computing generated almost $400 billion in revenue.

What Are the Benefits?

The cloud makes things simple. Organizations save both time and money when moving forward with cloud computing. They save time in IT management, figuring out server and network configurations, and on tech updates. They save money by paying for fewer resources and not spending funds on hardware and equipment for practices like data center cooling.

What Is Edge Computing?

The Edge, similar to the cloud, is a place where data is stored. A notable difference from the cloud, however, is that Edge data centers are physical locations found on the Edge of the network that they are operating within. Edge computing occurs when workloads are run on Edge devices and processed through Edge data centers.

What Are the Benefits?

With Edge computing taking place closer to end-users, there is a significant difference in latency. Latency is lowered because there is a shorter distance for the data to travel from one point to another. With a cloud, there is generally so much traffic that latency is increased. Additionally, Edge computing can work without internet access. This means that Edge computing can take place in physical locations previously out of bounds for data processing.

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