PDU Market Growth Through 2025

The data center rack power distribution unit market is projected to reach $2.04 billion by 2025. Businesses have learned the effects of downtime on their bottom line the hard way. Redundant power units are the natural solution, and their importance isn’t limited to the colocation sector. Cloud providers arguably need them even more, so PDUs are evolving, with smart features and improved power ratings pushing up demand.

The New Data Center

Remote control, power provisioning, and capacity planning are changing the way the market thinks of PDUs. The data age is overwhelming businesses on many fronts, a problem partially resolved with automation. Manufacturers now design PDUs to offer real-time remote monitoring of loads. Units can warn users when circuit loads are imminent and perform power scaling. Switched PDUs dominate the global market. Calls for sustainability affect the industry, too, as businesses seek out units that can reduce their carbon footprint — a measure that happens to reduce costs, making the “greening” of data centers fairly uncontroversial.

Energy Efficient PDUs

In 2016, The Department of Energy established strict energy efficiency levels for transformers. Three phase technology can meet them using a modular approach that comes with its own power distribution options. Custom built units can be designed to suit the size and density of data centers. To achieve this in an energy efficient way, TP1 transformers introduce impressive savings over time.

PDUs must meet everyday needs by offering easy access to all facets of power management, both physically and virtually. Notifications of current threshold breaches support these requirements while simultaneously introducing a smooth upgrade path that doesn’t interrupt power to core servers. As cloud computing grows, hardware will need to cope with enormous levels of unstructured data, and PDUs are more than ready to meet the challenge.

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