Prefabricated Data Center Modules are a Perfect Fit for Edge Data Centers

Depending on who you listen to in the tech press, the data center is either a dying phenomenon or is thriving and has never had more potential when it comes to the continued growth of the Internet and the exponentially increasing base of users. As with most hyperbole, the truth is somewhere in between depending on industry and usage. Edge data centers are driving the growth of the IoT, decentralized workforces, and – of course – the ever-expanding need for cloud resources and data at the edge of networks. However, all that growth needs to be treated as infrastructure and data centers must be planned out exactingly, which is why data center services demand prefabricated data center modules for a perfect fit.

Modular – One Size Really Fits All

The idea behind a prefabricated modular data center is simple. One architecture, one configuration, one energy profile, one benchmark of performance, no matter how large or small operation deploying the modules. Speaking competitively of edge computing versus the cloud is akin to saying that apples will replace oranges because of bananas. It is nonsensical, unserious, and untrue – more befitting a clickbait title than any actual serious discussion. Edge computing is defined as processing power at the edge of the network instead of a centralized data center. Edge computing makes a network dynamic and responsive, it does not blow away the cloud or the data center but instead enhances the performance of both. By adding modular edge computing units to meet traffic demand, cloud computing and data centers do more to meet customer needs efficiently.

Working with Edge Specialists

When it comes to building a prefabricated data center from modules, working with LDP Associates delivers scalable solutions, quick deployment, and consistent performance. Our equipment is configured, tested, and shipped directly to customers. Modules snap into place without any further configuration needed. On-lining and off-lining modules to meet demand is fast and easy, saving time, money, and kilowatt hours with a significantly reduced carbon footprint due to the flexibility of the pre-manufactured modules. LDP Associates has the experience, knowledge, and ability to quickly deliver prefabricated data center modules to meet the customer’s most exacting specifications. Find out how quickly and easily LDP can build out and deliver a prefabricated data center to meet your company’s unique needs for dynamic edge computing data centers. Get in touch today.

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