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Critical Environments and Moisture Control

Your facility is a critical environment, and your revenue and operations performance is directly attributed to how well you can maintain the quality and stability of your indoor environmental conditions. Whether you’re a healthcare provider aimed at improving patient outcomes or an electronics chip-fab manufacturer managing product defect rates attributed to ESD, data center critical environments like moisture control and humidity level are equally as important as your temperature and ventilation. In fact, humidity is the third component of “Air Conditioning” (temperature + ventilation + humidity = air conditioning).

Moisture levels impact the performance of facilities including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Call Centers

  • Yoga Studios

  • Museums

  • Printing Operations

  • Composites Fabrication

  • Healthcare or Assisted Living Facilities

  • Painting or Materials Coating Productions

  • Outdoor Open-Air Entertainment Cooling

LDP is Arizona’s most experienced and oldest data center moisture control specialist firm for over 30 years. Partnered with Condair Humidity formerly Nortec Humidity, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of products, tools, resources, and services to ensure proper application and peace of mind.

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Isothermal (Steam)

Isothermal humidification is the traditional industry choice for commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Steam technologies include atmospheric generation & dispersion and pressurized distribution & dispersion.

Adiabatic (Cool Moisture)

Adiabatic humidification is the ideal technology to economically add moisture and aid with the building cooling process. Adiabatic systems can be applied in the air handling system or directly in the process environment. Many options and configurations can be designed to accommodate new or existing facilities.

Water Treatment, Controls & Accessories

Moisture control & humidification begins with water. Water quality directly impacts the performance, life, and maintenance of the humidification or cooling system.  Controls and the ability to regulate moisture output has immediate effect in maintaining indoor climate stability, ensuring the right controls and placement are applied, and directly influence performance and consistency.

Talk to Us About Moisture Control Products

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