Every data center needs cooling, but a startup called AdeptDC want to turn cooling control over to new management—artificial intelligence. High-profile entities like Google have said they’ve saved 35% on cooling costs with AI. Not every business has the financial revenue of Google, so AdeptDC wants to offer off-the-shelf smart data center cooling.

What it Does

AdeptDC’s cooling system is completely software based and uses diagnostic information like CPU temperature measurements. It’s compatible with any hardware and type of cooling. The system is able to gather information for a full duty cycle over a month. Then, the machine learning-based thermal management system suggests changes to make to the cooling set-point in real time.

Think of it as a smart thermostat for a data center.

How it Works

AdeptDC is able to work out what cooling is required based on the sources of heat in the data center infrastructure. That’s how its machine learning software can improve the way operators manage and indicate clearly what’s happening in the environment. It can also read GPU temperature if necessary.

Here’s what AdeptDC’s CEO, Rajat Ghosh, has to say. “…we’re processing data in real-time and providing a very granular and low-latency set-point recommendation for the cooling systems to implement. It’s like a digital thermal assistant…If the workloads, layout, or equipment of your data center changes, it’s easy to adapt cooling to the changing environment.”

The Big Picture

Overall, AdeptDC is designed to work across the whole data center. It can scale cooling capacity on-demand and is helpful for edge data centers:

  • in more demanding environments
  • in remote locations with a limited number of administrative staff
  • that don’t have enough power to run more cooling than necessary

It’s great for both data center owners that want automated facility management, or owners that need help with smaller problems, like getting better visibility for a specific aisle that’s having issues.

Not interested in smart data center cooling? That’s okay. LDP Associates Inc. has other cooling solutions for your data center.