To an outsider observer, many server racks may be indistinguishable from one another. Those making an investment in new server racks, however, should equip themselves with the knowledge about what makes one server rack better than another, and which will best suit their individual server needs.


Size is incredibly important to consider when deciding on server racks. The size of your servers is going to determine the size of the racks your purchase. This means that you need to know the precise dimensions of your servers prior to buying anything. In addition, purchasing racks that are wider than your servers is recommended in order to better access and manage cables. Racks from Schneider come with a guarantee that any 19″ form factor IT gear will fit in our racks. This frees the user to configure their IT systems in a way that best serves their business, instead of segregating IT brands in their own racks.

The size of your data center should also be taken into account. You may have to purchase multiple server racks depending on the dimensions of the room. Note that the price of the rack you buy is directly impacted by the size of the rack, and therefore, affected by the size of your room.


Your server racks should not be forgotten in terms of security. They are an important asset that needs to be protected, and appropriate security is integral to the welfare of your servers. For maximum security, contemplate server racks that have front and rear doors that lock — many models come with this. Some racks may have an option for access control, or come with monitoring decides that alert you to something being amiss in terms of temperature, water leaks, security breaches, and more.


Consider the accessories and data center supplies that you will purchase along with your server racks, and if the racks you are buying will accommodate these accessories. Cable management systems, power strips, additional mounting rails, lighting inside the racks, and exhaust fans, are some of the accessories that you may require or desire and each will affect your purchase in a different way. Make sure you have a completed list of accessories you intend to get prior to deciding on a server rack.

Air Flow

Ventilation is incredibly important in the success of the racks and equipment you purchase. Up to 40% of total operational costs for a data center will come from the energy put towards powering and cooling the large amount of equipment they need. Servers create plenty of heat while running. If they do not have correct ventilation, the heat will accrue and, over time, ruin your equipment. Any satisfactory cabinet will include vents. Some higher-end ones will come with other add-ons to ensure maximum air flow — things such as exhaust fans or liquid cooling. If security is no concern to you, think about having doorless panels or an open rack.

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