For businesses that lack space for their own onsite server room, contracting with a colocation (read as co-location) could be their best next option. This type of facility is a data center that leases space to other businesses for their servers, networking equipment, and storage hardware.

Think of a co-working space, but for a data center.

The Rise of Colocation Facilities

In the past, colocation facilities were used for disaster recovery purposes by private enterprises. Due to the popularity and growth of the cloud, they are becoming increasingly popular with providers of cloud services. For businesses that do not want to make the capital expenditures that are needed to build, maintain, and regularly update their own computing facilities, a colocation can be a more cost-effective solution. In some cases, options for managed services may also be available.

Personalized Space

Customers can lease space within a colocation facility based on their needs. A colo might lease space by the room, cage, cabinet, or rack. The customer supplies their own storage devices and servers. In some cases, the customer may be able to rent equipment from the colo, too. This equipment is connected to telecommunication and network service providers to allow for remote access by the customer.

Services Provided

Colocation centers are suitable for businesses of all sizes and for various reasons, including the need for more space, or an alternative to needing staff dedicated to the running of a server room. A colocation provides space, physical security, power, cooling, and bandwidth for customers’ services and storage equipment.

Advantages Available

Colocation facilities provide physical security to protect customers’ servers and data. They provide fire protection systems for onsite server rooms. Unauthorized access to a customer’s equipment is also prohibited.

LDP has been designing data centers since 1991. We provide solutions for colocations as well, such as power, cooling, and racks. You may be leasing the space, but your business still has the right to personalize your data center needs which you can contact us for.