To achieve better productivity levels, here are five musts to have in your data center design.

Cabling Channel Design

Cabling channel design will impact the performance of your units, especially if there are problems with your cables and connectors. Mistakes can lead to a tremendous loss in your budget, so you’ll need to ensure connectivity by hiring pros in data center construction.

Ensure Sizing Flexibility

You will change your equipment several times throughout the lifespan of your data center. For instance, you need to replace about 90% of your equipment in the next five years to keep up with technology advancements. That said, you’ll need to design your space in a way that’s going to provide you with the flexibility you need for those changes. When you hire experts for critical systems design, inform them of your future plans. That’s going to help them create the ideal data center design.

Maximize Cooling Solutions

Airflow changes will need to be considered as well. Keep in mind that much of your equipment will require a cooling solution. Find out which company can help you build the right racks or cabinets designed to offer options that allow you to manage the airflow with ease. That’s going to make the most out of your cooling solutions.

Look for Modular Designs

Invest in scalable building infrastructure. This provides you with the advantages of a standard data center but has room for customization. With components that can be integrated to improve your system, you can have a data center that’s ready for your future plans. This is also the best time to ensure the design factors in cable management and pathways to work with the racks or cabinets.

Consider the Space

Develop designs that will help your data center adapt to future demands. Ensure your designs make room for greater flexibility and scalability instead. That’s a much better and practical option than letting the infrastructure grow over time, which will mean bigger cooling and heating costs.

Find experts to help you come up with the ideal design for your facility warehouse. Get seasoned contractors to help you with the data center construction when you call LDP Associates. With our expertise and assistance, you can get the perfect data center space for your business.