Ideal Floor Plan for Data Centers

An excellent floor plan can boost cooling performance in your data center, ensure data center installation ease and reduced energy consumption levels. Here are a few tips to ensure your data center layout suits your facility.

Balance Capacity With Density

“The more, the merrier.” That’s never the case when it comes to data center equipment. It’s important to realize that there’s always a tradeoff between power and space. That’s why you need to consider your options carefully.  Should you go for a dense server idea? Do you have the budget for that? That’s going to mean more advanced power and cooling infrastructure, which will set your capital by a lot. A good floor plan can help you figure this out.

Look For Unique Layouts

There’s no rule that says you need to stick to old floor layouts. Consider the needs of your organization. If your business is growing, then that means you’ll have changing data center needs too. Your old layout may no longer be applicable. That’s why it’s best to browse through layouts until you find one that’s uniquely suited to your facility’s needs. That’s going to ensure easy data center implementation. The design may be a bit non-traditional, but it can provide you with fantastic benefits.

Think About The Future

Keep the needs of your organization in mind. You may not need to replace some of the equipment yet, at least not right away. But what about next year or the year after that? You’ll need to look for a data center that can accommodate the needs of your company years from now. That’s going to help you ensure an easy expansion down the road.

Don’t Forget About Your Storage

Your data center floor plan must also include storage facilities. Think about how your team will physically store all the data necessary for running your operations. That also means you need to think about ways to keep the servers and equipment cool. Otherwise, you risk damage to the data. A good floor plan can help you come up with the ideal storage scheme.

Bottom line

Each organization has different needs for their data centers. Make sure you consider those needs with your floor plan. For excellent results, hire pros. Look for data center installation help from the LDP Associates. With a team of experts to provide you with the solutions you need, you can improve your data center’s floor plan to ensure better service quality.

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