Cooling management is essential to data center operations. If you are going to handle data centers for the first time, here’s a look at some of the challenges you’ll need to be ready for. Knowing some of the most common issues you’ll encounter will help you ensure better data center performance.

Phantom Leaks

These are mostly a result of cold air leaks and are quite common. They also can lead to a lot of pressure loss, though, in your data center’s IT environment by allowing warm or humid air to enter the parts of the facility. One way to protect against this is to look for better data center cooling design. Consult with experts for help and advice.

Damaged Tiles

Perforated tiles lay waste to your system’s cooling capacity. If your system shows air temperature levels lower than the usual, then that’s a bad sign. You’ll want to hire pros to check this out and fix the problem as soon as possible. Keep on the lookout for red flags too, so you can put in a call to professionals as soon as possible.

Rack Sealing Problems

If your racks have poor sealing, then that’s going to lead to cooling issues in your facility. Hire pros to check your cabinets for openings and potential sealing leaks. They can provide you with sealing solutions to improve your facility’s cooling efficiency.

Uncalibrated Controls

Uncalibrated sensors can also lead to a few problems. If the sensors aren’t working properly, then that could mess up the humidity control, which put your facility’s cooling performance at risk again. Having your sensors checked for calibration every six months or so is one way to prevent these humidity problems.

Too Many Machines

If there are too many machines that need to run to keep your facility cool, then that’s not going to work. That’s because you’ll need to worry about how to keep those machines cool as well. Machines are going to generate a lot of heat, and that’s going to lead to more cooling problems. The most efficient way is to find cooling systems that allow you to do more with less equipment.

Empty Spaces

Empty spaces compromise the airflow balance. Eliminate those empty spaces to ensure better exhaust air circulation and cooling performance in your facility. Get better cooling results with a well, thought-out plan. Hire pros. For a stellar data center cooling design, contact the LDP Associates.