Edge data centers have distinct differences from other types of data centers, such as enterprise data centers. These differences matter when it comes time to decide if utilizing Edge data center services is the right choice for your business. Edge centers are smaller than some other data centers. They are characterized by their locations on the outside of existing networks, giving them the ability to minimize latency. Continue reading to learn more about some of the advantages of choosing an Edge center and who would benefit the most from their services.

Benefits of Edge Data Centers

Lower costs: Edge data centers that have been outsourced to colocation service providers tend to be on the lower end to obtain and maintain, price-wise. Data center maintenance with a smaller-sized building is significantly more manageable. This leads to lower costs all around for both owners and users. According to Statista, information technology (IT) spending on data center systems across the globe is estimated to amount to $208 billion in 2020.

Better Traffic Distribution: Bigger isn’t always better. Spreading the wealth is sometimes the smartest option, and that applies to data center locations and distribution. Utilizing a number of smaller data centers as opposed to one larger one helps to better serve users that are spread our geographically. This leaves room to grow and means that your data centers aren’t usually operating at or near peak capacity. Having a multi-data center plan also means that when something goes wrong with one data center, there is data left uncompromised.

Less Latency: As previously mentioned, one of the primary advantages of Edge data centers are the minimal latency that they manage to maintain. This is because they are closer to the users that they serve and the facilities are smaller, meaning that less data has a shorter distance to travel than with facilities like Enterprise data centers.

Who Should Choose Edge Data Centers?

Edge data centers make sense for a wise variety of companies. If you create or utilize products that are a part of the internet of things (IoT) market, strategizing with an Edge data center is going to be your best choice. They offer speeds and a level of flexibility that is needed for IoT devices and businesses who require fast service.

If your company has different locations, a smaller budget, Edge computing, and/or the latest in tech, then Edge data centers are likely best for you. Should you have any additional questions about Edge centers or any other data center services that we provide, reach out to LDP Associates!