As more data centers pop up across the country, it’s necessary that managers and owners turn their focus to data center energy management. The energy required to keep a data center running efficiently adds up quickly, and while the functions that data centers provide are necessary for the lives that we have built, the question arises — how will it affect the planet in the long run? Those that are offering a data center service and are conscious of this are doing what they can to minimize the environmental impact. If you would like to do the same, here are a few tips as to how you can make your data center more sustainable.

Make the Most of Renewable Energy

Data center managers will often have backup generators, amongst other things, that use diesel fuel to operate. The backup generators act as a second reinforcement, should there be a power outage, and they are running constantly. One way that data center managers could reduce the pollution that these generators create is to use renewable energy to keep generators running. There are multiple options when it comes to renewable energy — wind, solar, and more.

Find New Uses for Old Equipment

While recycling paper and plastic bottles is a good start for any business, the largest impact that can be made by data centers is in recycling equipment. Plenty of outdated and faulty equipment gets thrown out by data centers on a regular basis. Instead of tossing this equipment out as soon as it’s seen as useless, consider opting to reuse and recycle it. Entirely new useful machines can be built using the parts from defective machines. Should you find that you cannot reuse certain parts, you can always sell them to businesses that can. This solution saves both money and energy!

Properly Manage Data Center Temperatures

According to, 80% of data centers employ or are looking to install hot or cold aisle containment systems in order to keep servers at the proper temperatures and limit energy use. You don’t need to blast the AC or heater to decently manage data center cooling and heating. It’s important for data center managers to find a balance between what’s best for the equipment and what’s best for the environment.

For more advice, or to benefit from our data center energy management services, be sure to reach out to LDP Associates. We can evaluate your current processes and let you know what simple and cost-effective changes you can make to be a friend to the environment.