Getting Physical with Cybersecurity

When edge computing has hundreds, and even thousands, of sites, it’s easy to limit your thinking to cybersecurity. Physical breaches are nonetheless a critical problem that requires a physical solution. In some cases, cyber threats begin as this kind of breach. In others, they begin from inside your own business. They can even occur accidentally. In fact, physical breaches represent 9 to 18% of total information thefts, so data center owners need to progress beyond the protection of simple key-based systems.

A Digital Solution to a Mechanical Problem

Advanced coded key systems might seem a fair solution, but without accurate auditing and access records, they miss the mark. Electronic access solutions generate digital signatures, and they’re reliable enough to comply with HIPAA, FISMA, and PCI. With edge computing needing so many sites, all with their own temperature and humidity control, virtual security is a more realistic way to cope with threats.

Environmental Control

People aren’t the only threats to centers. Fire, flooding, and smoke can be catastrophic. Sensors and video supervision add a much-needed layer of security to defend against Mother Nature.

Integrated Rack Security

Electronic-locking swing handles integrate easily into existing rack facilities. They remove the need for virtual tools, which are costly to set up. They don’t need any drilling or cutting, making them ideal for time-poor businesses.

Today’s threats may not be tomorrow’s. Business critical data security is becoming more stringent as the years progress, but peace of mind still isn’t easy to come by. Future protection will need to become smarter, melding defence with monitoring to combat more intelligent threats. Edge computing is demanding enough on its own, requiring agility and practicality from its protective measures. However, machines can now perceive special reality, and that will make future security tools that much easier to design.

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