How Do You Make a Data Center More Sustainable?

Data centers utilize a considerable amount of electricity. From powering and maintaining the servers to extensive HVAC systems, this kind of hardware requires more power than most facilities. In a time where reducing energy consumption has become more important than ever before, how can a data center push towards sustainability? Here are a few of the current and upcoming opportunities available for such a facility.

Modified Lighting

Energy consumption through lighting takes its toll on energy consumption. Simple lighting alterations make for an easier upgrade while saving money and reducing energy usage. Modified lighting, including the installation of motion detectors, will cut down usage.

Air Management

Maintaining temperatures within the data center ensures peak performance while preventing wear and tear on the hardware. However, there are still ways to analyze and improve the current air management system. This allows for fan speed reductions, the installation of free cooling systems into the current HVAC hardware and set point increases, all of which will reduce operating costs while improving sustainability of the data center.

Planning From the Ground Up

It’s substantially easier to build a new facility designed for sustainability than to implement new upgrades in a current facility. For companies looking to expand or produce on-site storage centers, planning from the ground up allows not only for the installation of current sustainable features, but to plan out and construct the building for future sustainable upgrades.

For data centers looking to push towards sustainability LDP Associates is here to help. We can assist with identifying the best ways to cut energy consumption and to increase the utilization of renewable energy sources. This, in turn, will not only help move the company closer to a sustainable energy future, but reduce the cost of electrical consumption here on out. Being one of the leaders of data center creation,we innovate our design to meet present and future needs.


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