What is a Micro Data Center?

Micro data centers can be best described as pre-designed, scaled-down, containerized data centers. They are designed to take on various types of workloads and solve different sets of problems that cannot be handled by a traditional data center.

They typically include less than 10 servers and 100 virtual machines. As a standalone system, these rack-level systems contain features that you would find in a traditional data center, including security, board cooling, and uninterruptible power supply.

Meeting Temporary Needs

A micro data center can be used to meet the need of an expected and temporary increase in network traffic that could cause latency or bring systems to a grinding halt. Because these pre-built systems are pre-integrated, they can be quickly added to existing data centers if space and resources are available.

With their small footprint, versatility, and plug-and-play capabilities, micro data centers are ideal for remote locations or in areas at high-risk for catastrophic damage from earthquakes or floods. The enclosures for these systems are standardized and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Rise of Micro Data Centers

There has been an increase in demand for micro data centers. The demand appears to be driven by growth in the edge of the network with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile devices, and machine to machine communication (M2M).

Increased digital traffic from data-heavy applications are testing the limits for existing bandwidth capabilities. MDCs have been recognized for their ability to optimize the usefulness and performance of mobile devices and other devices, including IoT devices that utilize the cloud.

Micro data centers are seen as a way for businesses to increase the speed of deploying new data centers, while minimizing their capital outlay, energy consumption, and staying within the confines of limited space.

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