Many of the professionals working at data centers and colocation facilities are consumed with data center operations. Power distribution units often offer remote or local monitoring, but the security systems associated with them are typically weak.

How Data Centers are Susceptible

Businesses can spend thousands of dollars to protect their data center from malware and completely forget their facility’s physical security. Power, heating, and cooling systems are all used as entry points for hackers. In a survey of risk professionals, only 9% of respondents were fully aware of the physical devices connected to the internet.

Ways Attacks Happen

Industrial control systems aren’t always designed with security in mind. Therefore, hackers use means such as turning on sprinklers, creating fires, and disabling alarms, locks, and cameras to destroy servers and data. Experts say it’s easier to take down a data center through its cooling system than its individual servers.

Hackers are aware of your insecure access points. New malware, known as Triton or TRISIS, has been discovered that targets data center power and cooling systems.

Who Would Hack Me?

Hackers have various reasons for attacking your business’ data center. Their reasons range from stealing data and compute cycles, hijacking systems for ransom, or diverting the public’s attention from a separate hack. Another motive we’ve seen rise over the years are political statement hacks, either against the business or its affiliated companies. Large entities aren’t untouchable. Your corporation doesn’t have to enormous, though, to suffer a data attack.

For the sake of your business’ information, it’s vital that your data center be structured securely. LDP Associates have been the experts in mission critical facilities for 25 years. We specialize in design, layout, construction and provide power and cooling solutions. Contact us today and learn how your information can be protected from the unthinkable.