The design and infrastructure of a data center affects the information it’s holding. Expert data center designers must work with various elements when building data centers for businesses. Even factors like inefficient cooling can have disastrous consequences for even the toughest data centers. Here’s what a design team thinks about when creating your data center.

Fire Safety

Besides the ordinary smoke and heat detectors, data center fire safety systems monitor the following:

  • manual pull stations
  • contained systems alarms
  • flow control
  • pressure
  • isolation switches

Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling incorporates information necessary for ongoing operations and maintenance, such as:

  • as-built documentation
  • device cut sheets
  • data and details
  • operations and maintenance manuals
  • warranty data
  • service history
  • vendor contacts

Building Management

Software for building management often incorporates mechanical systems like security, lighting, and electrical monitoring. These systems are still considered separate, though.


The security in a data center is like no other. Security systems can include:

  • smart cards and biometric technology to unlock barriers
  • turnstiles and mantraps for tailgate entry prevention
  • door sensors and cameras

Lighting Control

Lighting components provide comprehensive visibility and control.

Electrical Power Monitoring Systems

Electrical power monitoring systems can monitor thousands and maintain the data center’s historical data. They incorporate the following:

  • power circuit breaker
  • trip unit status
  • voltage/current/power factor measures
  • feeder/transformer temperatures
  • transient and sag/swell detection
  • waveform capture

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Electrical powering monitoring systems also fall under supervisory control and data acquisition. Supervisory control and data center acquisition covers systems associated with electrical infrastructure.

A data center is like no other structure. It’s vital that your business seeks experienced professionals when building one. Since 1991, businesses in Phoenix, L.A, Salt Lake City, and Redmond have chosen LDP Associates for their data center design, construction, and accessory needs. Contact us to get started on your data center.