Power and electricity are more prevalent in our society today than ever and will continue to be more prevalent. Every single industry relies heavily on consistent power – health, finance, government, etc. We depend a lot on power and electricity, which is why businesses cannot afford power failures. Battery backups are a crucial necessity you should have, and here’s why.

Power Outages

Businesses are impacted drastically by unforeseen power outages. The more hours a business goes without power, the worse the financial impact. Power failure is even more impactful for facilities like hospitals where lives are at stake. There are plenty of power backups on the market, but they often fail to perform on time and carry the load – which is exactly the data center service a business needs during an outage. Thankfully, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is fixing that.

What is UPS?

An industrial UPS battery backup provides emergency power when the primary source of power fluctuates. A UPS manages IT infrastructure and computer systems, protecting data centers and industrial equipment from an abrupt power disruption. This saves financial and data loss and protects businesses from accidents and human injury. As industrial equipment becomes more reliant on computer-based control systems, a UPS can help avoid job restarts and preserve a process until the utility returns.

UPS Products

Schneider Electric has UPS systems for all of your critical equipment needs. A UPS can perform Automatic Voltage Regulation which secures a consistent flow of power incase of a voltage fluctuation and alters voltage levels if necessary. The UPS is linked to a network or cloud that allows for monitoring, and whenever batteries begin to run out of energy, alarms immediately go off.  UPS systems are now offered with lithium ion battery technology, extending runtime, reducing footprint, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Get Started

A UPS is essential for your business. Backing up industrial process equipment with a UPS can reduce or eliminate wasted materials in the event of a power outage at the facility. Schneider offers industrial-grade UPS systems that can be installed in harsh environments, including the factory floor. Contact your Phoenix partner, LDP Associates, for data center services today.