In an effort to increase productivity and quality, companies need reliable and secure edge computing capacity. Micro data centers are able to meet that need.


If your company has large amounts of data, it’s not a good idea to send it to a cloud data center far off. The latency wouldn’t perform well with the real-time nature of many IIOT (industrial internet of things) applications. It’s much smarter for you to use local computer power.

Three Main Attributes

Local edge data centers need to have three important attributes: the ability to function within a commercial or industrial space, security, and remote management ability.

Edge data centers need to be able to function properly in an existing space, be it a store or outdoor location. Computer, storage, and networking equipment need to be installed in a self-contained enclosure. Micro data centers are the ideal solution.

Edge data centers need to be treated similarly as centralized data centers. They need physical security such as video cameras and environmental security like proper cooling and moisture control systems.

Edge data centers need remote management because in most cases, IT staff won’t be on site to monitor the edge data center. It’s ideal to look for management solutions that provide cloud-based preventive maintenance to stop problems before they happen.

Choose Micro Data Centers

Micro data centers meet all of these requirements and are able to be easily deployed. Contact LDP Associates for Schneider Electric micro data centers and other data center options.