Noise Complaints Against Chandler Data Center

Data centers can be loud, and this can cause serious problems if they’re located in residential areas. CyprusOne in Chandler, Arizona recently ran into this issue.

Noise Complaints

CyrusOne, which launched its first data center in Chandler in 2011, and its second in 2014, has plans to build another three data centers in the area. Unfortunately, their plans are on hold. The company has been asked to reduce the noise coming from their HVAC systems before they expand their campuses.

Locals in Chandler have found the high-pitched tone coming from the data center’s air-conditioning units so burdensome, they’ve filed complaints with the police. Chandler residents claim the noise sounds like mosquitoes buzzing, windows rattle at night, and that they’ll move away if this issue is not resolved.

CyrusOne has taken these complaints seriously and is committed to installing noise-reducing equipment in their facilities by October of 2018.

Other Instances

In 2015, a Parisian activist grouped claimed one of Interxion’s facilities was infit for their neighborhood. The data center was threatened with closure and forced to do a detailed impact assessment.

Apple’s data center plans in Athenry, Ireland were delayed due to noise that may be detrimental to wildlife.

A facility in Canada promised it would build noise-reduction walls, sound insulation, and change the speed of its ventilation systems after the city government complained about noise.

How LDP Helps

It’s crucial that data center designers consider sound when constructing facilities. Ask yourself: how loud is your data center?

When our clients’ property boarders a residential neighborhood, we use custom components (special condensers for air-conditioning units) to change the frequency of the noise that happens when in operation. LDP Associates not only desires for our clients to be happy, but their neighbors as well. Contact us for your data center needs and design today.

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