How Next-Generation Servers Impact Your Data Center

Next-gen servers are a hot topic in the IT and data center world. But what are they, and how do they affect factors like cooling and power?


Next-gen refers to a server with increased processor speed, enhanced management features, and greater energy efficiency. Cost-wise, they save businesses up to 40%. Why? Because they reduce power consumption, utilize efficient cooling, have greater compute power, and allow ease of management.

Why IT Teams Love it

Next-gen servers have greater management capabilities, even for small businesses. There’s more control of where compute is used, and which parts of the organization are driving compute. Basically, it allows IT teams to do more than less. Next-gen servers also enable IT to focus on important tasks rather than waste time on maintenance issues.

More Power

Moving applications from the testing to production phases can take up to months with traditional servers. Next-gen servers, on the other hand, only take hours. Therefore, there’s no need to power devices down or interrupt work to move an application.

So, what else does this mean for data centers?

Less Cooling

Consolidation heavily impacts a data center’s environment, including its power and cooling requirements. According to experts, as these requirements change, organizations can take advantage of what they have done from a consolidation standpoint to realize true energy savings. With smarter software in place, next-gen servers are also intelligent enough to power down when possible, reducing the need for constant cooling by allocating power in accordance with usage.

How smart are your data center’s cooling and powering methods? At LDP Associates Inc., we’re dedicated to providing data centers with the solutions they need to maintain uptime and temperature-control. Contact us today and learn why businesses choose us for data center design and accessories.

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