Switchgear and Uptime

As data continues to speedily grow, power is critical and data centers are looking for ways to ensure 100% uptime. Business owners often make the mistake of just looking at power solutions in various software programs. What they should be looking at is data center infrastructure. Aging power infrastructure can lead to a lot of maintenance and repairs, which creates nothing but downtime. One of the solutions businesses are looking at is switchgear innovation.


Refresher: switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, or circuit breakers used to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment.

According to experts, the switchgear market is set to rise to almost $84 billion by 2020. Switchgear technology is the best equipment to handle new demands and known for reliability. Its low-maintenance quality is a blessing and a curse—switchgear is often overlooked. Fortunately, companies are beginning to enable switchgear technology to modernize aging infrastructure. This saves time and money, and it delivers the highest level of power available.


One innovation businesses are utilizing is called shielded solid insulation system (2SIS) technology. 2SIS technology allows data center managers to install networks with lasting performance at a lower risk. Current-carrying live components of switchgear are separated by air which doesn’t provide much protection from arc flash. 2SIS technology works by insulating the main circuit components with a layer of solid material, thereby protecting against internal arcing. By reducing internal arcing risk, 2SIS increases safety.


Switchgear may be low-maintenance, but the highest-performing electrical system starts with switchgear. By incorporating preventive maintenance and using innovative design, multiple data center risks are minimized. Once a business maintains their electrical system, they’ll be astounded by the peace of mind they suddenly have.

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