You might have heard the term “Edge computing” or “Edge data centers” in your hunt for the perfect network or data center service for your organization. There are numerous benefits to using an Edge data center as opposed to other options, but there are considerations that you must ask yourself before taking steps to make the switch. Timing is everything when it comes to switching data centers and you have to take your organization’s specifics into consideration. Taking a step back, let’s analyze what an Edge data center actually is and why you’d consider using one in the first place.

What Are Edge Data Centers?

Edge data centers are data centers that are found close to the edge of a network. They are smaller than traditional data centers. While Edge data centers have similar devices to other types of data centers, they are found closer to their end-users, as well as their devices. These facilities deliver cloud computing resources, as well as cached content, to the devices they serve. Because these centers are located closer to the end-users, the data being transferred travels a shorter distance, meaning services are quicker and come with noticeably less latency.

Why Many Make the Switch

Minimal latency is the primary benefit of using an Edge data center. Your organization will be able to count on consistently fast service — something that is necessary for nearly every industry. IoT devices such as self-driving cars, VR and multiplayer video games, and AI virtual assistants are just a few of the many devices that thrive when using an Edge data center.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself and your partners before hopping on board.

  • Are your competitors already using Edge data centers, or will you be leading the way? If competing organizations are already making use of this technology, you will want to act quickly to make the switch so that you don’t risk being left behind.
  • What is your budget? Some experts state that Edge centers are a cheaper option than traditional data centers, as they cost less to operate, what with their smaller size. Even if it will cost you less, you need to evaluate your organization’s budget to know what you are able and willing to spend.
  • Where is your nearest Edge center? Doing this research is integral. Are there Edge data centers near where you need them to be?
  • Are they secure enough for your organization? Since the start of COVID-19, cybercrime has increased about 300%, according to the FBI. This means that cyber-security should be at the forefront of your agenda.
  • In what ways will Edge computing benefit your company, specifically? Knowing the answer to this question will make you confident in your decision to make the switch.

Today Is the Day

Once you’ve decided that Edge data centers are right for you and your organization, call LDP Associates. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have about Edge centers, as well as inform you about data center maintenance, data center cooling, and so much more!