Those running data centers face many specific difficulties. They are tasked with finding a way to provide more computing power while using less energy in, ideally, a small area. This must be done in a manner that is both economical and doesn’t disrupt day-to-day operations. Below, we will be diving into why the distribution of power in a data center is integral to keeping things up and running and the tools data center managers are using to do it all.

What Is Power Distribution and Why Does It Matter?

Power distribution is largely about understanding all of the variables at play. Data center customers have to understand how much power they will be regularly using — how many amps will their server be using? The answers to these questions give data center managers an understanding of how much power to install and how many power distribution units (PDUs) and what size server racks will be purchased. We will go into PDUs in a short while.

Data centers need to know almost precisely the amount of electrical energy available in order to keep things running effectively at decent speeds. Did you know that a data center’s power density is over 100 times that of a big office building, and equal to 9 WalMarts? Having servers that are more powerful increases the power density of the rack, meaning it needs more wattage going through the unit and larger circuits to manage the extra power. Racks that are using more power also require additional data center cooling — another factor that managers need to consider. Mismanaged data center power distribution can cause both power and valuable space to be wasted — increasing the amount paid to run the data center.

What Is a PDU?

Power distribution units, or PDUs, are devices with numerous outlets, designed to allocate electrical power to the data center apparatus. As previously mentioned, establishing power distribution needs is important in the process of determining the proper number of PDUs to purchase. They are extremely beneficial when purchased properly, as they have a long lifespan and ensure the consistent success of a data center.

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