An organization’s network closet is the critical link between IT networks and infrastructure. As such, they need to be kept secure to prevent costly consequences.

Here’s advice to ensure your network closets and the equipment they hold are kept safe.

Preventing Physical Security Breaches

The highest security measures should be implemented to ensure the physical security of your network closet:

  • Keep your IT equipment locked in a separate room to prevent damage or theft.
  • Don’t allow access to unauthorized personnel to network closets or server rooms.
  • Implement an access control system to keep track of employees who enter server rooms and network closets.
  • Install motion-activated cameras around server rooms and network closets to trigger an alarm after hours.
  • Have monitoring devices installed that can detect changes in temperature and moisture to notify authorized users of changes in conditions.
  • Install fire alarms and a fire suppression system to protect equipment and data.

Organization is Key

With space as a commodity in a network closet, keeping equipment organized prevents overheating and assures the equipment safe. When designing your network closet:

  • Choose the appropriate racks and enclosures to safely secure, manage, store, and keep IT equipment cool.
  • Use wall-mounted cabinets or racks to mount network equipment like switches, patch cables, and other equipment to increase floor space.

Protect Data

Features should be included in your network closet to protect equipment and data in the event of a power outage.

  • Extend run time of critical services by adding extended battery modules to uninterruptible power systems.
  • Add rack PDUs to protect and manage equipment.
  • Have a redundant UPS solution in place to ensure reliability in the event of an UPS failure.

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