Power distribution units are indispensable to your data center. Choosing the right one can help make your facility much more reliable, flexible, and scalable.

How to Choose the Right One

Finding the right power distribution unit should start with the basics. First, determine what kind of system you have. Do you have a single-phase power? Or is it a three-phase one? What kind of PDU mount do you want? You can pick between a horizontal or vertical rack. Sorting through these details will help you get the basic information you need to get to the next stage of the selection process.

Going for the No-Frills Design

There are a lot of basic PDUs you’ll want to try out. Some come with optional surge suppression, which will keep any of your critical equipment from sustaining any damage in case an abnormal voltage hits. The unit can also minimize the risk that someone may accidentally unplug the equipment. The color-coding receptacles can also do a lot to organize your data center system.

Track Consumption with Metered Options

A metered PDU, on the other hand, helps you track your facility’s power consumption by using a local GUI. Some of the metered options also come with a GUI that works with visible light communication, with authorized staff able to scan a non-readable code on the strip of the digital display. This can be done with a mobile camera. Just like that, the power consumption metrics can be transferred to the device. This feature allows for greater efficiency and helps speed up times for electrical load balancing.

Look for Construction and Installation Help

If you’re convinced of the importance and uses of PDUs, then look for a service provider that can give you the construction and installation assistance you need. Find a way to get the PDU that’s perfect for your facility. Get it in place when you hire pros.

How to Hire Pros for the Job

Pick a company with years of experience in data center construction services. Consider the credentials of the firm as well as the qualifications of its staff. Do your homework to find out which companies fit the bill. Does it have an excellent reputation? What kind of track record does it hold? You’ll want to look into these details before you get help.

To know more about power distribution units, talk to experts at LDP Associates. With the right team, experience, and resources, your data center is in good hands.