7 Questions for your IT Team

Struggling with your IT infrastructure? Here are 7 questions to ask your team and yourself.

Is it Complicated?

Is your IT too complex? If your team is unable to handle your IT’s level of complexity, consider reviewing your operations and peeling back layers. Complicated IT doesn’t ensure safer data. In fact, it leaves room for human error and mistakes caused by misunderstandings. You want your data security to be un-hackable, but simple enough that your employees can understand how to protect it.

What’s Your Priority?

Projects that give your business the most ROI should always come first, especially if there are problems regarding those projects. Figure out which projects are part of your long term goals and your short term goals. Don’t make things harder for yourself; renegotiate deadlines if you need to. Just because a project is finished on time, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Do You Have Trust?

Second guessing your team will always slow progress down. If you don’t trust the employees you hired with complex tasks, you need to re-evaluate why you hired them in the first place. The point of teamwork is to avoid micromanaging.

Is it Perfect?

Perfectionism is another disease that slows down progress. Delaying releases because projects aren’t perfect yet will only cause frustration.

Are You Sharing Knowledge?

What systems are your team using to communicate and collaborate? Are they in constant contact with one another? The more documented knowledge your team can share with each other, the more time you save in the future trying to figure out who did what.

What Are You Hiding?

Bad news should be like ripping of a bandage—quick and sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more of your employees’ efforts will go to waste. If your project is having issues, don’t leave your team in the dark. Informing your team of problems asap gives them the initiative to seek solutions.

Do You Ask for Help?

Your team will not look down on you if you ask for help. If anything, it encourages responsibility on their part. You can also ask for help from your vendors. They may charge you, but they’ll know better than anyone else how to solve a problem you’ve run into.

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