Maximizing the use of data center power is a priority for data center managers. Given the rapid surge in energy consumption by data centers, it’s now more important than ever to find solutions that help decrease usage and cost. One way to make that happen is to check out the components of the facilities in search of areas that need improvements. By employing measures that make power usage more efficient, data centers can achieve minimum power consumption.

Data Center Consumption

Understanding how data center consumption affects power resources is crucial to these efforts. If current practices aren’t modified, when you calculate the average power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.8, data center energy use will climb to 507.9 TWh by the year 2020. Tech titans are addressing the issue by working together on greener UPS designs.

Solutions for Data Centers

If you are committed to lowering power consumption, look into setting up a new design. Hire pros for data center construction to build an infrastructure that improves the efficiency of your system. With a better setup, you can cut down on the power needed to run your facility.

Load Banks for Backup Power

Another way to improve your equipment is to test them regularly. Hire qualified professionals for data center services to perform the test. Will they use load banks to ensure accurate readings? Load banks are ideal for testing the reliability of your data center’s equipment and systems.

Why Backups Matter

Power reliability is a priority for data centers. If the facility has a 99% uptime time, that still translates to 88 hours of downtime. Also, when an outage occurs, larger data centers lose thousands of dollars. That’s how vital it is to have a reliable UPS system. The UPS system provides secondary power when an outage happens, allowing data centers to continue working.

How Load Banks Help

Load banks make it easy to test and confirm if the electrical components in your data center work correctly. If there are any problems, they can fix the issues right away. By using load banks, facility managers are assured that their system operations are efficient and that if an outage happens, the backup power will come on, reducing downtime.

When to Use Load Banks

There are many applications for which load banks are used in data centers: when you are commissioning a new system, performing a maintenance check, expanding, and replacing your components. Find out how it can fit into your own setup when you contact LDP Associates, Inc. about data center construction services.