Data centers use up to 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is the same amount that about 6.4 million American homes consume. That amount of electricity is needed to power the servers and storage equipment along with the backups and power cooling systems.

Playing Hot and Cold

Too much heat has a negative impact on data center systems, as well as humidity or too much cold. That is why servers thrive in temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooling can amount to as much as 40% of a data center’s electricity consumption. With more consumers shifting to cloud-based systems, data consumption in data centers will only continue to increase. If the current trend continues, data centers will gobble up 1/5 of the earth’s energy resources by 2025.

Massive Carbon Footprint

A lot of non-renewable energy is funneled into data centers, adding to carbon emissions present in the atmosphere. The facilities contribute about 0.3% to carbon emissions worldwide. The news of tech titans coming together to build sustainable infrastructure could not come at a better time. With key players in the industry committed to creating a future in which cloud computing runs on renewable energy, there’s a better chance of turning things around.

Adaptable Solutions

In the meantime, exploring other cooling solutions can help data centers cut down on electricity consumption. If you run a data center, know that it is only as good the equipment you use. By hiring a company that performs data center services, you can check on your performance levels and work out better ways to improve applications while finding ways to save on power. That usually includes:

  • Critical infrastructure. Consider the organization of your equipment and find out how specialized racks, power, and cooling infrastructure works. Get contractors to design and set it up.
  • Right size. Ensure efficiency and promote growth by keeping your IT infrastructure at the right size. Hire pros that provide solutions that optimize your data center performance.
  • Environmental control. Conditions that are too hot or cold reduce your data center’s service life and performance. Create the ideal conditions to ensure your systems work better and longer.
  • Control humidity. Excessive moisture is the enemy of data centers. Keep temperatures ideal for your data and team with professional help.
  • Power backups. Prevent downtimes while you improve your energy management strategy. Find professionals to design the right infrastructure for your data center. Hire LDP Associates, Inc. for data center services to make your life easier.