Loss of power from the primary power source activates the battery in your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System, allowing the unit to function as a secondary power source for your data center. That makes it possible for your team to save data if a commercial outage occurs.

Service Team Assistance

Ensure optimal performance by investing in UPS and battery maintenance and monitoring. Regular system checks and maintenance extend the service of your systems, which prevent safety problems. Considering how disastrous downtimes can be, hiring a service team for UPS systems prevents issues such as compromised cell batteries and reduced UPS back up time. Find pros with years of expertise and knowledge to perform these tasks effectively.

Temperature and Environment

Temperatures that are too hot or cold wreak havoc on your UPS batteries. To extend the life expectancy of the battery and your system, you’ll need to create ideal conditions. Check and comply with the manufacturer’s temperature recommendations. 77 degrees Fahrenheit is the ambient temperature at which the majority of UPS batteries operate on. If you go with higher temperatures, that will shorten the battery life tremendously, and if the conditions are too cold, that will compromise battery performance. Look for a firm that delivers high-level data center services to create an environment that suits your system. They’ll know what to look for. They also know enough to prevent placing your UPS near corrosive fumes, dust, open windows, and anywhere with moisture.

Life Expectancy of Battery Life

The UPS battery doesn’t always last as long as the recommended service life of the manufacturer. But hiring a service firm improves its duration. They know what steps to take and tools to use to monitor your UPS battery. With a tool that determines the battery’s “end of life,” they know when to replace your battery. That prevents costly downtime.

Battery Maintenance

Regular battery service and maintenance are critical to ensuring the reliability of your UPS system. When you hire pros, they routinely monitor the battery’s voltage. They carry out visual inspections to remove any dirt and dust. Pros also check for any signs of leaking batteries or those with excessive swelling to know if it’s time to dispose of your batteries or not.

Keep your data center running without any downtimes and prevent any loss of backup power. Ensure the optimal performance of your UPS systems by calling LDP Associates, Inc. today.